Dollar Tree Compass Employee Login Mobile (Desktop)

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile (Desktop) employee login page is a user-friendly platform. It’s not a one-time login page. Users can access it anytime and anywhere. Login, reset, and reset password functions are pre-defined on the page.

Have you entered an incorrect username and password? please re-enter your associated account employee login details to access all the available information online. How Dollar Tree Compass Mobile employee login is beneficial? Once logged in to the employee application, you access the paystub, schedule, timesheet, request to swap shifts, and more.

Dollar Tree Compass Employee Login

I’m new to Dollar Tree Inc. How do I log in to the Dollar Tree employee compass login page? What is the process of it? Here you will find all your questions answered. The employee sign-in page is designed simply with two required fields.

You have to visit the Dollar Tree authoritative employee sign-in page and fill out the login form with only two (username and password) required details.

  • Visit the Dollar Tree employee login page at
dollar tree compass employee login
dollar tree compass employee login
  • On the welcome page, enter your Username and Password.
  • Re-check that you have entered the accurate login details and click the Login button.
To open the employee login page Click Here
To request password resetClick here
For WFM employee loginClick Here

Reset Password Step 1 of 3

Reset password is 1 of 3 step process. During the process, you will not ask why the password is reset. Dollar Tree employees don’t need to provide any extra details to reset your password. You can reset it by submitting a few common information.

Now a question can be asked, How do I open the password reset page? Is it easy to do using my mobile phone?

Step 1. Visit the employee login page, click the Reset Password button.

dollar tree employee login
dollar tree employee login

Enter your Username.

dollar tree employee mobile login

Step 2. Now, answer the “security question that you have been set up”.

Step 3. Create a new password that you remember.

Dollar Tree Compass Mobile Employee Login

Why Dollar Tree employees can log in to the WFM employee portal? It is an associate schedule system, helpful for both employees and employers.

As we know Dollar Tree has lakhs of employees, they all log in to this system using their mobile and check the date, time, and hours of their work schedule, request time off, shift swapping, team communication, time tracking, and more.

Let me guide you on how to log in to the WFM employee system:

  • Go to the WFM employee login mobile application. The direct login page URL is (
compass mobile dollar tree
compass mobile dollar tree
  • Enter your Username and Password associated with your WFM account.
  • Click on the Login button.

Note: Be careful about your WFM employee sign-in details, Don’t share them with anybody, make them memorable, if you can’t remember your login details can’t reset them online without getting the help of your administrator.


Is the Dollar Tree Compass employee website safe to access on the shared system?

Yes, but login carefully, don’t save your credentials on the shared system, log out after using your employee dashboard.

Is there an online facility to recover the username?

No, I don’t find any link or button on the Dollar Tree Compass associate login page. So, the associate can’t recover their employee sign-in password online.


Password is easy to reset on mobile or desktop. Have trouble logging in? It means you have submitted incorrect login details. Check your username and password are correct. This article is for Dollar Tree’s new associates, who are going to the employee login page for the first time. I hope you get an auxiliary information from here.